Bienvenue ! Welcome! !خوش آمد Welkom ! Selamat Datang ! वेलकम! Bienvenida ! Hoan nghênh ! Herzlich Willkommen !

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Posté le 18 mai 2015

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Hi ! Welcome to our travel website !

Our project is called En selle, Simone! after a phrase coined by Guy Lux, a famous French tv host (himself referring to Simone Louise de Pinet de Borde des Forest, a French race driver). But enough with history !

The website is quite empty at the moment. No notes, no pictures… But we haven’t left our homes, yet !

We are working hard in order to get ready. Rémi is creating the website and our wonderful map, while Salomé is preparing the itinerary, tends to visas and medical issues, as well as plane tickets. Well, there is still so much to do ! We still have to buy everything (tent, clothes…), while Rémi is taking care of the bikes.


While you wait for news of our preparation, please have a look to the other pages of the website, where you can find useful information on where we will be going, how much time and money we will need, and also what to do if you desparately want to help us (and we can’t thank you enough for that!).


Talk to you soon,

Rémi et Salomé

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