Here we go!

Today is the big day. We are leaving Paris and headed to Grenoble, the Alps, Italy and the world ! We are glad and a bit tensed at the same time, but also mostly curious. We can’t wait to go through our first border, in the Alps, then to cross the border of the world we knew until this year : this will be in Trieste, Italy. There will start our true adventure !

On this day, we think about our families and friends, to whom we said, smiling, « See you in one year ! ». It’s funny how nobody seems to realize, except the parents maybe. Their lives will keep going without us for those few months. We can already think about events we won’t be there to attend… But no time for regrets, it is time to go ! There is nevertheless still time to think all the people supporting us : our partners, our kissbankers and the schools which follow us. We said goodbye to the children last week. We told them about the project, the route and promised to write soon. We hope we can share with them a part of our discoveries and maybe a taste for travels !
Thank you all ! Knowing that you are following and supporting us gives us even more confidence for this trip. You will get news very soon and we will think about you always, even from the other side of the world !
Tonight, we’ll sleep in Avon, at our first Warmhower host’s.

But now, it is time for cycling !
Salomé et Rémi

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