8 November 2015 Europe, Greece, Macedonia, Travel diary

Pedaling on via Egnatia, or where is Alexander?

First things first: if the small speaker icon at the top right corner of this page has escaped your attention until now, I would advise you to try and click it! You would have the chance to listen some of our recordings while reading this article. Two weeks ago, we were leaving Albania to enter… Lire la suite

15 September 2015 Europe, France, Travel diary

Through the Alps

Will they or won’t they ? We first considered going through the Alps at the col de l’Echelle, but a landslide near Chambon lake was blocking our way. We then decided to go through the col de Larche, more to the South. We were told it would be easy and give us a nice view on… Lire la suite

9 September 2015 Europe, France, Travel diary

Here we go!

Today is the big day. We are leaving Paris and headed to Grenoble, the Alps, Italy and the world ! We are glad and a bit tensed at the same time, but also mostly curious. We can’t wait to go through our first border, in the Alps, then to cross the border of the world we… Lire la suite

29 August 2015 Preparation

Thank you !

Many people helped us build our bikes ! We collected 3513€ thanks to you. Many thanks to our KissBankers who allowed us to build our dreambikes : Achille Aknin · Adeline Duquesnoy · Adrien Baysse-Lainé · Adrien Beuselinck · Alice Meignie · Alice Williart · Amine Marrakchi · Anaïs Dassonneville · Anne-Fleur Multon · Antoine Hoste… Lire la suite

24 June 2015 Preparation

Help us build our two bikes !

We are raising money to build our two bikes ! If you want to help (and get a great gift in exchange ), you can do it on http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/en-selle-simone. 10 days left! Thank you ! Rémi et Salomé NB : more content is available on the French version of the website, we are currently translating… Lire la suite

18 May 2015 Preparation

Bienvenue ! Welcome! !خوش آمد Welkom ! Selamat Datang ! वेलकम! Bienvenida ! Hoan nghênh ! Herzlich Willkommen !

Hi ! Welcome to our travel website ! Our project is called En selle, Simone! after a phrase coined by Guy Lux, a famous French tv host (himself referring to Simone Louise de Pinet de Borde des Forest, a French race driver). But enough with history ! The website is quite empty at the moment. No notes, no… Lire la suite